The Future Of Digital Health: HPC With Simr And The Living Heart Project

In an era where healthcare is being revolutionized by technology, the synergy between high-performance computing and medicine is paving the way for unprecedented advancements.


Living Heart Project with Steve


Steven M. Levine, Sr. Dir. Dassault Systèmes & Founder, Living Heart Project for an insightful webinar that will explore the origins of the project, the integration of Ubercloud's high-performance computing with the virtual twin model of the heart and other human organs, pushing the limits of biomedical engineering.


Dive into the rapidly evolving digital health landscape, where technology meets healthcare, enabling quicker diagnoses and life-saving interventions. Discover how Cloud computing can accelerate medical solutions and shape the future of personalized, efficient, and impactful care.


Whether you're a healthcare professional, technologist, or simply interested in healthcare innovation, don't miss this unique opportunity to understand the profound transformations occurring in digital health.