Case Study

Simulation Of An Airbag With ANSYS LS-DYNA

Since their invention in 1968, automobile airbags have become a standard industry safety feature, significantly reducing automotive-related fatalities and injuries. As the technology continues to advance, this Simr experiment aims at better understanding airbag inflation behavior under dynamic conditions.


You'll Learn:

  • How the team used different mesh densities in ANSYS Cloud to accurately capture the airbag behavior.

  • How ANSYS LS-DYNA works on the UberCloud HPC platform to dramatically reduce processing time for fine mesh sizes resulting in accurate simulations.  

  • How to access the UberCloud HPC environment in the cloud with no need to install or configure any software or hardware.

This document is based on one of the more than 200 technical case studies that have been generated by engineering teams participating in the Simr Experiment. You will benefit from the candid descriptions of the problems the teams encountered, how they solved them, and lessons learned.

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