Vote for Stanford-UberCloud for the HPCwire 2017 Reader's Choice Awards!

The final Call for Voting for the HPCwire Reader's Choice Award is out, and the Deadline is October 1st

Living Heart Project

=>  The  Stanford-UberCloud-Dassault-Advania-HPE Team  achieved a breakthrough in Living Heart Simulations, please read details in the exciting HPCwire Top Feature article.  <=

During the previous nomination process, UberCloud & Team have been nominated by our community (Thank You!) for the following 5 categories: 


1.   Best Use of HPC in Life Sciences

10. Best Use of HPC in the Cloud

18. Best HPC Collaboration (Academia/Government/Industry)

22. Top HPC-Enabled Scientific Achievements

25. Outstanding Leadership in HPC - Wolfgang Gentzsch (nominated by HPE)


Please vote now  for UberCloud & the Living Heart Project Team in all these 5 categories HERE. It takes just 1 minute! Thank you very much for your support!


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Your Team Members from Stanford, Dassault/Simulia, Advania, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and UberCloud

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