The Power of SimOps: Revolutionizing Design Engineering

In the race to innovate, product excellence is imperative. As the complexity of modern products soars, the need for powerful simulation tooling becomes critical. Welcome to Simr, where SimOps revolutionizes how engineers and innovators design, develop and lead.

The Challenge in Today's Competitive Landscape

In today's rapidly evolving manufacturing world, products that are merely "good enough" don’t survive. Manufacturers operate in a starkly contested, winner-takes-all environment where the ability to out-innovate the competition is essential. Only those adopting excellence in design and engineering practices swiftly will thrive.


Gone are the days when product design decisions were made without rigorous testing using cutting-edge simulations. Simulations have transformed how products are designed and engineered, allowing engineers to predict performance, identify design flaws, and unlock a product’s potential long before it's built.


Leading companies in aerospace, automotive, biomedical engineering, defense, and consumer electronics have embraced simulation-driven decision-making. The true trailblazers seamlessly integrate advanced simulations across their product lifecycles, propelling them to market leadership. Firms that prioritize operational simplicity over simulation optimization and acceleration fall behind in markets where there is no bronze medal. 


Manufacturing leaders have created a "simulation economy," where simulation-driven decision-making is the cornerstone of product development, and time-to-innovation shrinks. Companies leveraging advanced simulation tools innovate faster, define product quality, and reduce time-to-market, dominating this new world order.


What is SimOps?

Simulation Operations Automation, or SimOps, is a strategic methodology rooted in the best practices of the world's most successful companies. SimOps automates and accelerates simulation processes, significantly increasing engineers' per-minute productivity and organizational contributions. By transforming the management dynamics of simulation operations, SimOps significantly shortens the wearisome waiting that engineers have long endured, lightens the operational burdens on IT departments, and empowers companies to focus on innovation, improving efficiency, quality, and, ultimately, product adoption.


Understanding the unique challenges engineers face, SimOps emerges as a beacon of hope. As one mechanical engineering leader shared, "I never had access to enough compute to support my design decisions, so I always felt the need to cut corners. With SimOps, I finally have the flexible, available, well-supported simulation tools and compute I need to cut the right corners." This story highlights the essence of SimOps – empowering engineers to make confident design decisions with the resources they already have.


A system administrator once said, "The engineers I work with are world experts in what they do, yet they feel inadequate when they can't complete a simulation faster, on time. We need to fix that." SimOps answers this call, providing the tools they need to bridge the gap between the potential of their expertise and the traditional limitations of execution.


Through such comments by product design experts, engineers, and scientists, SimOps was revealed to us, page by page, best practice by best practice. 


Empowering Engineers

SimOps best practices are designed to enhance engineers' capabilities by focusing on automation and streamlining complex processes. This allows engineers to spend more time on innovation and less on manual tasks. By reducing the operational burden, engineers can focus on the creative and strategic aspects of product development, driving innovation and producing superior products. SimOps enables engineers to maximize their productivity, make more informed decisions, and contribute more significantly to their teams and projects. This approach empowers engineers to leverage advanced simulation tools effectively, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and high performance.


SimOps best practices also play a crucial role in enhancing collaboration among interdisciplinary teams. The increasing use of system-level simulations and the shift-left approach — integrating simulations earlier in the design process — further enhances collaboration by providing comprehensive insights from the early stages of product development. By standardizing simulation processes and integrating all of the leading  tools and platforms, SimOps facilitates seamless communication and data sharing. This approach ensures that all team members can easily access and share simulation data, leading to more innovative and effective solutions in complex product development projects.


Supporting IT

IT teams benefit significantly from tools and platforms supporting SimOps best practices. These tools reduce the burden of managing complex simulation environments while adhering to enterprise IT standards and services across public, private and on-premises cloud infrastructure. This ensures operational efficiency while upholding stringent security and compliance standards.


UberCloud is now Simr

We are excited to announce that UberCloud is now Simr. This name change reflects our focus on simulation and the core value we create for our customers. Once we defined SimOps and the best practices surrounding it, we took a step back, asking ourselves and the string community around us, “What name would SimOps practitioners, great engineers, great HPC people, and great simulation engineers want to know us by?” The choice was obvious, andSimr was it. Simr ties us back to simulation-driven decisions, it ties us to automation, it ties us to what great engineers do and what we do for them.


Along with this rebranding, we are launching a new domain: SIMR.COM. Our new name aligns with our mission to revolutionize product design and manufacturing through advanced simulation technology.


Series A Funding

In addition to the introduction of SimOps to the broader market and our new brand, we are thrilled to announce that Simr has secured $20M in Series A funding led by Uncorrelated Ventures. In a period during which venture capital was applying more scrutiny to prospects than any time in recent history,  this round was oversubscribed and closed well in advance of our goals. The reason for that is that the SimOps concept and the fact that it has been driven by real-world best practices from our Earth-shaking, long-term customers resonated with our investment partners. We feel fortunate and excited to be on this journey together with all of hem.


This funding will accelerate our efforts to bring the transformative SimOps methodology to a broader market, enhance our platform, and expand our leadership team. It underscores the critical role of simulation in the future of manufacturing and product development.



For those on the verge of making a decision, consider this your call to action: Implementing SimOps is not just a step forward; it is the engine that will position you as a leader in a world where placing the best ideas your teams can conceive of in the hands of your customers – consistently, ahead of your competition – is just the first step in continued market leadership.


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