Top Challenges Companies Face in their Cloud Computing Journey

CIO’s are guiding their companies through a major transformation, a journey, to the Cloud. At UberCloud we focus on running engineering simulations in the Cloud with 10x performance.

We collected a list of Top 3 Challenges Companies Face in their Cloud Computing Journey:

Challenge #1: Cloud is (Still) New

Cloud Computing has been around for over 10 years, however many corporations are still learning. Some applications have been very quick to move to the cloud such as web servers and email. Anything beyond these few applications are relatively new to the Cloud and enterprise IT departments need time to perfect them. For example, Computer Aided Engineering and Engineering Simulation applications have been kept in on-premise data centers until recently and are just now moving to the Cloud.

And it's not just the IT departments which need more time to learn the nuances of running various applications in Cloud, it is also the Cloud Providers. Cloud Providers have large global technology teams so it takes time and multiple projects for them to gain expertise in the wide array of applications that their customers are moving to the Cloud.

And let’s not forget that Cloud management tools are still evolving. Since Cloud computing requires IT departments to think in different ways than before, the set of tools needed to get the job done are also Cloud specific. For example, cloud offers pay-per-use, and we have a whole list of new tools to set budgets, track usage and manage cost in the Cloud world.

Challenge #2: With Options Come Decisions

The number of Cloud service providers competing for the attention of the IT departments is in the dozens. The major players AWS, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle, Alibaba, have similar general purpose offerings, dozens of other niche players like ScaleMatrix, Advania, focus on anything from usability, security, geography and industry focus. This rich variety in the provider ecosystem is a challenge for customer organizations trying to decide which direction to go.

The IT departments' challenges do not end with the selection of Cloud providers. Many providers offer competing solutions for the same set of problems. For example, most cloud providers offer a dozen or more data storage options, some built in to their Cloud service and others offered by partners. IT departments need help to sort out which set of Cloud solutions go with which set of applications.

The decisions get further complicated with the desire to “hit two birds with one stone”. Every IT organization has a set of weaknesses which they wanted to correct, but haven’t been able to get to in the past. With Cloud migration projects, these To Do Lists come to the table, further complicating an already complex migration project.

Challenge #3: Lack of Focus

With the level of complexity and variety of options, it’s easy to see how IT departments can lose focus in their Cloud Migration projects. When working on their cloud based CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) projects, we frequently see companies work on technologies such as Cloud storage, consider competing Cloud vendors, evaluate an array of tools to manage their Cloud. This lack of focus leads to long project cycles, budgetary pressures, and lack of momentum.


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