Welcoming Simr Evolution of Our Brand

Why the Change? 

In the dynamic world of engineering simulation, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Since the founding of UberCloud, the landscape has transformed dramatically. What once catered to a niche of early adopters has now become a mainstream necessity, fully supported by enterprise IT organizations. This significant shift prompted us to re-evaluate our brand, ensuring it aligns with our evolved mission and the markets we serve. Today, we are thrilled to introduce Simr—a modern, updated brand that truly reflects who we are and where we are headed.


Empowering Innovation Through Strategic Investment

We are excited to announce that we have secured $20 million in Series A funding, with robust support from prestigious investors such as BMW i Ventures, Uncorrelated Ventures, and Earlybird Venture Capital. Their confidence in our vision is both humbling and motivating as we embark on this rebranding journey. This substantial investment underscores our commitment to revolutionizing engineering simulations. With this funding, we will enhance our platform and services, strengthening our partnerships with industry leaders including AWS, Azure, Google GCP, Ansys, Siemens, and Dassault Systèmes. These collaborations ensure that our users have access to the best resources available, empowering them to innovate and excel.


Simr Platform for Simulation Operations Automation (SimOps)

At Simr, our mission is clear: to help companies thrive in the simulation economy through our advanced Simulation Operations Automation (SimOps) platform. Founded by engineers for engineers, our solutions are meticulously designed to boost productivity and ease the workload on IT teams. Our automated self-service cloud environment allows engineers to effortlessly design and test their products using familiar tools and workflows. CIOs and CSOs value our platform for its seamless deployment within their cloud environments, providing full and exclusive control over data and access management. By utilizing industry-standard high-performance containers, we ensure compatibility across cloud providers, effectively eliminating concerns about vendor lock-in.

Discover More About Our Rebranding

To delve deeper into our rebranding and new initiatives, we invite you to read our full Press Release on Business Wire. Join us on this exciting journey as Simr, where we are committed to driving innovation and excellence in the engineering simulation industry.


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